2015 Hyundai Genesis Video Review

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The 2015 Hyundai Genesis is an amazing car but we don’t expect you to take our word for it. How’s about The Fast Lane Car? They have been doing unbiased vehicle reviews and comparisons for a long time now. They are definitely experts in their field. Come see us at Red McComb’s Superior Hyundai for a test drive.

Video transcription:

Emme Hall: In the beginning, there was the luxury sedan. There was BMW. There was Audi.  There was Cadillac and Lexus. And they were good. And then the Auto Diety said, “Damn, this is expensive!” And instead she worked to come up with something for the smart driver. Something with luxury and good looks and yet at thousands of dollars less. Was she successful? We’ll find out next, coming up on the fast lane car.
Emme Hall: The 2015 Hyundai Genesis has been completely redesigned. Both inside and out. And I have to say they have done a remarkable job. Biege paint job notwithstanding. The grill is much larger than on the 2014 model. And the headlights and fog lights are completely different. In my week in the car I had compliments from a toll booth worker, an artist, and the guy on the bike chatting with me at a stoplight. So, this new design does seem to appeal to many different people.
Under the hood, Hyundai has given us a 3.8 liter v6. Which is good for 311 horsepower and 293 pound-feet of torque. Power is going to all four wheels via an eight-speed automatic transmission. But rear-wheel-drive is standard in this car. Now the EPA fuel estimates are 16 in the city 25 out on the highway and 19 combined. But in my week, I averaged 22.9 miles per gallon. Which I thought was great and last night I put in 20 bucks worth of gas in the car. I didn’t reset my trip computer, and suddenly my mileage is down to like 16. So, I guess the lesson is that you should always do your mileage calculations the old fashion way with math.
Now the Genesis gives us three different driving modes: Eco, Sport, and Normal.  Eco is what you would expect, it is tuned for efficiency. Sport puts more torque to the rear wheels, which gives you more of a rear-wheel-drive feel. And normal is somewhere in between. Now what’s nice is that you can definitely tell the difference between those three driving modes. There’s definitely a difference in suspension tuning and and in throttle response. Now speaking of suspension Hyundai has partnered with Lotus. Um, well maybe partnered is too strong a word. Let’s say that Hyundai consulted with Lotus. To give us a brand new suspension system. I mean, now don’t get me wrong. It is not necessarily what I would call a sports sedan. But it does handle very cleanly. And gone is the tendency from previous years for the back end to get kinda squirrely. This year the car is definitely very planted in the corners. And especially with the all-wheel-drive, you really do feel very very safe and secure.
Inside we have some new materials that do bring a new level of luxury and comfort to the driver. I really like this would trim, and the polished aluminum. And you know in the past I feel like Hyundai has been able to offer their cars with such good features but at a lower price point because they skimmed a little bit on fit and finish. But that’s really not true in this car. There’s no squeaks. There’s no rattles. Everything is put together very nicely. Their leather is supple. The stitching is even. So, on a whole, I think that the design of this cabin is very very successful.
So, the Hyundai website tells me that there’s this nifty little feature. Where by just having the FOB in my hands and standing next to the trunk after 3 seconds it’ll open. And it did do it for me this morning when I first got up to the car. But right now doesn’t seem to want to be working. But the 2015 Hyundai Genesis does have a very spacious 15.3 cubic feet of space in here. And it looks like it is gonna be good enough for a 4 laundry basket rating. So let me see. Come on baby, give it to me. Close. Close. Close. Give me four! Oh! Let me try it again. Close. Close. Gimme four. I need four. Gimme four. Gimme four.FOUR! Awesome. Good girl.
The cabin is awash in standard features. Like: backup camera, heated mirrors, cruise control, auto wipers, headlight and climate control, keyless entry and ignition, heated 8-way power seats with power lumbar, leather upholstery, navigation, Bluetooth & iPod connectivity, satellite radio, and the blue link 2.0 connectivity suite.
Now, I am a sucker for good steering and this year Hyundai has given us a new electric power assisted steering system. Inputs are pretty quick, its very clean and while there isn’t a ton a feedback, it feels nicely weighted. Whether you’re at high speed on a highway. Or if you’re in a parking lot. The road noise in this car is very very minimal. And the 8 speed transmission shifts pretty quickly, you can also shift it from the paddle shifters. It shifts pretty quickly and offers you a good amount of acceleration. Even while you’re in Eco mode. I mean today I was driving and traffic. And I had to dart right across and I was in Eco mode and it still was able to perform. And I didn’t freak myself out thinking that well crap I’m gonna get hit right now because my car didn’t have enough power.
So this like Hyundai’s answer to OnStar and it even includes geo fencing feature. So, if you’ve got a kid or a husband that you need to keep tabs on, it’ll send you an alert when the car goes past a certain perimeter. Fortunately all the features are pretty easy to use. The GPS features easy input. Uh, and all my turn by turn directions will also give you information on what happens to be at any particular exit. Like gas stations, car washes, restaurants, that sort of thing.
I was not able to figure out how to turn up the parking sensors. I’m sure there’s a way, it just was not very obvious. And if you’re a confident parker, having your car beep at you all the time is really annoying. Also in order to Radio Free said I had to go through three different screens. And that use already by should just be able to press and hold the station I want and how to be a preset.
The 2015 Hyundai Genesis does have a longer wheelbase from the outgoing model by about three inches. And that gives you a lot more room in the back seat. me my driver stickers push all the way back I’m 5’9 I’m pretty tall and I have a ton a playground here and also got a pretty good amount of headroom. oh and there’s a federal I love do so. On the TFL scale of buy it, lease it, rent it or forget it. I have to give the 2015 Hyundai Genesis 3.8 liter v6 all-wheel-drive a very enthusiastic buy it! Why? because this fully loaded Genesis comes in at 52,000 four hundred and fifty dollars and that includes freight and handling which is a stunning value for all the features that you get. That’s it for today, I am Emme Hall. Thank you so much for watching. Hey you can follow me or TFL car on all the social media’s. Be sure to go to TfLcar.com for more news, views, and reviews. Thanks for watchin.