Hyundai goes to Space


Everyone needs a makeover from time to time. There is a fine line to walk between comfortable. And distinctly outdated. No one wants to look out dated. This applies to businesses as well. Unlike clothes, buildings tend to stay updated quite a bit longer. Which is good due to the large cost of revamping a building.

Dealerships take an awful lot of wear and tear. Most interior floors are not made to hold cars. This is of course a necessity for a dealership. And the building has to stand up to a whole lot of abuse. With this in mind, making a modern building can be a huge chore. This is a chore Hyundai has tackled masterfully. Their new global design ushers in feelings of clean, open, futuristic. All while possessing strength, utility, and durability. What more can you ask of a design?

Recently Hyundai updated their style in the US. You may have seen the now iconic Hyundai cubes on several dealerships. Now, Hyundai has decided to adopt a global look that promises Space age feel. With lots of glass, silver, black, and gray accents. The new look is appealing, open and futuristic. Though Hyundai has no intention of pushing US dealerships into the new design. This is due to their recent revamps. The new look will undoubtedly be seen in new markets over-seas. We look forward to seeing what is in store next.

Auto News brings us more insight on this new design look and what we can expect from Hyundai in the future. In the mean time, feel free to come visit us at Red McComb’s Superior Hyundai where we’ll keep a cup of coffee warm for you. We are always glad to answer questions. And happy to take you for a test drive. So you can find the vehicle that is perfect for you.