Hyundai Hockey Helpers


Hyundai’s Program: 3 Years Running

In 2012 Hyundai launched a program known as Hyundai Hockey Helpers. This program provides grants to help under-resourced children play Hockey. Kidsport, a non-profit organization has partnered with Hyundai on the Hyundai Hockey Helpers program. This year the goal is to help over two thousand kids get to play. To date, the program has helped almost 5,000 kids get in the game. We all know how critical it is for children to run off that extra energy. Not only does expending this extra energy help them focus while learning. It also helps to keep them active. Actively participating in a sport can also help in healthy social development. As well as critical skill development. In areas that lack sufficient funds, often sports are one of the first things cut. You can find out more at Hyundai Hockey Helpers and see how you can help or apply for a grant. You can also check out an interview with P.K. Subban at Everything Mom and Baby. And if you have any questions about Hyundai, let us know and we will do our best to answer them at Superior Hyundai.