Hyundai Tucson Walking Dead Special Edition


I know that the Walking Dead is an awesome show. A show that practically everyone loves. So what is the best way to commemorate all that awesome? With a Hyundai Ticson Walking Dead Special Edition of course! How many TV shows get a special edition vehicle? There can’t be that many that do. But now The Walking Dead fans have an official car in the Hyundai Tucson. What better way to flee the dead than with a snappy Tucson? I can’t believe the awesome details that are going into this. The Hyundai Tucson Walking Dead Special Edition has it all. My favorite by far is the Zombie Survival Kit! And the Daily News shows several other cool features. Zombie hands reaching up from the front driver and passenger doors. Special decals to support your faction. And of course special badges. “We don’t need no stinking badges!” Oh wait, yea we do! Found out more information at Superior Hyundai today.