Video Review of the 2015 Sonata from Hyundai

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later. visited the New York international automotive show. One of my favorite car reviewers Kelsey Mays gives us the full scoop on the new 2015 Sonata. Feel free to ask us any questions or give us any comments you may have at Superior Hyundai or if you just want to stop by to chat for a while come on over! What do you think of the 2015 Sonata? What would you like to see change?


Video Review:

Hi, I am Kelsey Mays for Hyundais answer to the Toyota Camry, the Ford Fusion, and the Honda Accord is the popular 2015  Sonata. And it’s been completely redesigned. We are here at the 2014 New York International Auto Show. We’re gonna take you through it. The prior generation Sonata was one of the pioneers of Hyundai’s fluidic sculpture design ethos. Hyundai says this is fluidic sculpture 2.0 and you could see a lot of similarities here. The Beltline here, the silver line runs all the way up to the headlights, that was something the previous generation Sonata kinda pioneered. The face is a lot more upright, the grill definitely leans forward a little bit more. It’s not quite as in your face as the grill on the redesigned Genesis sedan which is another fluidic sculpture 2.0 car. You get around back trim levels include the SE, the limited, and finally the Hyundai Sonata Sport. With Regular four-cylinder and turbocharged four-cylinder engines. Now you get to the sport 2.0T, that’s with the turbo four-cylinder. It’s got quad exhaust pipes here, kinda seems like a little bit much for a family sedan.
Dramatic changes in the inside of the 2015 Sonata include a much more upright shelf like dashboard. It does away with the kinda flowing waterfall dash from the previous Sonata. Quality remains about the same, you know, soft stuff where your arms and your elbows fall. Heated and ventilated front seats, heated steering wheel available. Dual panoramic moonroof here. Side window shades for the rear seats. Some new features here in terms of electronics, there is Apple car play this is the first for any Hyundai it comes into the new Sonata here there’s also siri eyes-free. All those work with compatible iPhones. Interesting kinda shape to the middle of the dashboard here, controls sort of fall where you’d expect them to. There is a line up here for audio controls below it there’s kind of a pod of climate-controls. It all falls within this sort of six-sided center part of the dashboard with the center stack goes. Hexagonal here, you might say it has a lot of “hex” appeal.
Back seat room in the last Sonata was great. Head room was a little bit tight though, a little bit of a similar situation here but not too bad actually. I’m six feet tall and that’s where I would set to drive. Tons and tons of leg room here. Same situation as it was before. Trunk volume 16.3 cubic feet pretty good for the segment. Overall not a bad situation here past the front seats.
Horsepower and torque for both engines is down slightly but Hyundai said it tried to optimize kinda power at lower res when you’re driving around town. We will have to see how all that affects drivability. Now curb weight is up a little bit, we don’t know exactly how much, because Hyundai has yet to reveal that. As well as EPA gas mileage that’s another figure that’s coming stay tuned for all that more closer to the 2015 Sonatas on sale date in summer 2014.